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How to make firefox remember the main web address of each website instead of it remembering URLs history?

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Whenever you visit a website such as and have searched for videos on the site, firefox remembers all these URLs the next time round you attempt to type into the address bar. I find it frustrating because all I want to see is a neat list of websites beginning with the letter 'y' when I begin typing 'youtube' such as or, etc. I don't want to see everything else otherwise it just looks messy - you end up having to click on one of the URLs to get to the site again or you end up retyping the main address out yourself (some main web addresses are long!).

Is there an option in firefox where you can have it only remember the main web address of the sites you have visited instead of all the URLs visited on those sites? I'm not talking about deleting the entire history, just for the address bar to remember a simple list of sites such as,,,, etc.

If something like this doesn't exist then I wish someone would give us the option to do that.

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Pick a page you like for that site, then bookmark it. In the future, just select the bookmark.

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