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How do I stop my URL bar(top center) from using the same search settings as my search bar(top right)

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I want my URL/address bar(the space in the top center) to use google search when I type into it, and I want the search bar(the one in the top right corner) to search on wikipedia when I type in it. It was previously working like this, but suddenly firefox no longer is allowing me to use separate engines in the two spaces.

I've already tried setting the keyword.url to "" , but that setting is for some reason being ignored and is defaulting to whatever I have set on the search bar. If I set the search bar to wikipedia the URL bar uses that, if I set it to amazon the URL bar uses that instead.

Like I said, it was working the way I liked yesterday, and today it no longer is. I have no changed any settings between yesterday and today that would cause this.

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keyword.url was deprecated in Firefox 23. The selected search engine is used in the Search bar, the Location bar, and on the default homepage.

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So is there no way to have two different search engines like I used to :( ? I search on both google and wikipedia almost constantly and it was extremely convenient to be able to use them instantly, without the hassle of having to click and switch back and forth.

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Keazen oplossing

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Thank you so much! That's perfect

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This was the absolute last straw for FIrefox. It's gotten worse and worse since Firefox 2.x and now we have 2 search bars at the top, that USE THE SAME SEARCH ENGINE? what kind of crack was the idiot who thought of this smoking?

And then to suggest an add-on to replace what should be standard browser behaviour? Absolute joke, I will be using Chrome and recommending it to all friends and family from now on.

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I agree with the 'crack smoking' comment. Why was this done? I use Google as default to search but often search Wiki, so had FF set as the original poster. Addons slow older machines like mine down. Did the developer of the addon pay someone at FF to do this? Big FAIL, Firefox!!

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Adding my voice, but I fear Firefox devs are increasingly deaf.

This was a stupid decision. "Unification of address bar and search bar" my ass. They are distinct controls and for a good reason.

@Devs: If you wanted people to be able to control which URL or engine the address bar search uses, you should expose that choice in the Preferences area, and not just force the change on users like you've done countless times before!

Using Firefox is so frustrating sometimes.

And what's sad is, this is the kind of thing that's making users switch browsers!

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Can someone please tell me why Mozilla think it's a great idea to make Firefox shitter every time they release a new version?

For Christ's sake guys, get your act together and stop ruining what used to be a decent browser.