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The drop down window does not drop down to show typed URL's

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Typically, clicking the down arrow (next to the star) causes the typed URL's to drop down for selection. For some reason, I can type URL's into the Location Bar and when a new tab is opened and the arrow is clicked, no drop down box appears only the current URL in the Location Bar is highlighted and that's it. Just happened after running Super Anti Spyware and Spybot S&D along with CCleaner. The options in CCleaner had the "Remove typed URL's" box unchecked.

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I'm not familiar with those cleaners...

Firefox's setting for showing URL "history" on the location bar is here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Options > Privacy

The drop down for "When using the location bar, suggest" needs to have one of the options containing History in order for you to see previously visited URLs there.

If the option is set to display history, is it possible the cleaner deleted your history??

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Hey thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, this is one of the items I have already tried (or confirmed). History and Bookmarks is the chosen option and as far as erasing the history, I have typed new URL's into the Location Bar since cleaning the computer and those new URL's do not even show. It is though the button used to open the drop down box has been turned off. Maybe I just need to re-install MF. Any other ideas? Thanks again.

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Just an update - I ended up doing what I proposed which was re-installing MF. The drop down function is now working. Thanks for your consideration.

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If it happens again the try this (problem with the places.sqlite database):

You can also try to repair the places database with this extension:

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Thanks - copied that info for future consideration.