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Firefox crashes after installing latest update

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Crash ID: bp-0d33fe65-134a-4853-8b32-a01a82110925

updated to latest version, after which the crash reports started (see crash ID above). Tried safe mode also and still crashed. Finally had to revert to previous version to get it working again. Will not move to upgrade at this point.

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The crashreport is
Firefox 6.0.2 Crash Report [@ NS_URIChainHasFlags(nsIURI*, unsigned int, int*) ]
See Bug 687228 NS_URIChainHasFlags(nsIURI*, unsigned int, int*) crash via eapapiARM/NativeHelpNotifier.dll (MALWARE?)
I think this may be malware because of strange looking dll.

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-> Do a MALWARE check with these Malware Scanning programs. You need to scan with all programs because each program detects different malware. Make sure that you UPDATE each program to get the latest version of their Databases before doing a Scan. Also, Close All other Applications(softwares) before Starting to Run Scans.

There are also specialized forums for Malware Removal such as those listed below, where you might be able to get more help:

Check and tell if its working.

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I ran a couple of checks and found two suspicious files. I haven't yet tried to update Firefox (a little nervous), but I will soon and let you know it those two files were the problem. Thanks for the responses!