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How do I clear the location bar history? I've followed directions, but it is not clearing all history.

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After doing research for directions on how to do this: that is how to clear the location bar history--I still see 12 sites listed in the initial list when I click on the down arrow of the loccation bar. In addition, if I start typing a website into the location bar I see that the website appears in the location bar itself and the drop down list also shows all sites starting with the same characters.

What I want to accomplish is a complete wipe or erasing of all websites from the location bar. That's what I want to do.

In addition, I'm not talking about sites that have a star as a bookmark.

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Entries in the location bar drop down list with a yellow (blue on Mac) star at the right end are bookmarks.
You can remove such a bookmarked item that shows in the list if you open that url in a tab and click the yellow star in the location bar.
This will open the "Edit This Bookmark" dialog and you can click the Remove button to remove the bookmark if you want to remove such a bookmarked entry.

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Gee Cor-el: I do appreciate your interest in answering my question. However, I still have the problem originally posed for all to review. Yes, I do understand about locations which have been bookmarked. This, however, is not the problem I question.

To all: Please understand that whenever you start to type something in the location bar, the first letter(s) usually pull up sites which you've previously typed into the location bar. Now, following the: Tools > Clear Recent History > Browsing and download history ... the user will expect the location bar to be clear of all entries previously entered to be erased from the location bar, save bookmarks. However, this does not seem to be the case. This does not erase all of your unbookmarked entries from the location bar. Now that is what I'm taling about.

Why this is so, well, I still haven't figured that out.