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After viewing a video on the web, where is this video file stored? as in IE, where they are found in temporary internet files.

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For example, in IE there is a file many branches down in the hard drive where every video, every picture, every cookie etc. are stored after visiting and viewing every website. Where is this file and what is its full name in the Mozilla browser?

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Firefox uses two caches, a disk cache and a memory cache.
You can find the location of the two caches on the about:cache page (open that page via the location bar like a website).
Only large image and media files are stored as individual files on disk.
Other files are stored in a few large container files (_CACHE_XXX_) in the cache folder and not as separate files on disk.
The individual files on disk have random names without a file extension for security reasons: you can't open an application or start a downloaded virus inadvertently by clicking a file in the cache folder.

You can look at this extension for easier access to files in the cache.