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Telling a 32bt from 64bt file by the name--Firefox Standard--Firefox esr

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I'd like to request that the same versions of the Firefox files have the 32bt or 64bt designation in the name. When downloading directly FF Standard and FFesr for my 32bt and 64bt computers/laptops, I can't tell which is which in the download folder, and so I have to download them all over, this time waiting for each to download so I know which it is, and then rename it, and then downloading the other bt version.

    (For example: the file "Firefox Setup 91.5.1esr.exe" could be 32bt or 64bt file, both download with the same name. The same with FF Standard et al.)

It's tedious to do the renaming but I prefer to know at a glance which is which in my archive folders. . . Been doing this renaming for years. Just thought I'd finally make a request. I believe it's the same issue in the Linux and iOS 32bt and 64bt versions--they look identical in the download folder. Thank you.

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I have several Firefox programs on my system. During installation, I use the Manual option and name the program folders the way I want.


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