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Lost Bookmarks after computer re-image

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I had an extensive collection of bookmarks I used frequently and in the past was able to recover them through Firefox sync. My computer was recently re-imaged by my company and I had to reinstall Firefox. This time when I logged into sync the bookmarks did not re-appear. I cannot connect my device to my previous profile on this machine because it has been replaced, but when I look at enrolled devices it still identifies my previous profile on this machine as active. Is there a way to recover the bookmarks from this previous profile instance? Are these bookmarks still saved somewhere in the cloud?

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Thank you for your question about the Firefox Sync service.

It appears from your question, that you are using Firefox Sync as a back up service. This is not what Sync is designed to do. The Firefox Sync service takes a copy of the data you wish to include and transfers it to a second device (typically a mobile device such as a tablet or a telephone) running a copy of Firefox. The storage in between all attached devices is both temporary and fragile and is not stable enough to be (and is not designed as) a reliable backup service.

If you have a copy of your Firefox profile for desktop Firefox, you may be able to recover your bookmarks and other data. Please have a read of this article.

If you have a copy of your data on a mobile version of Firefox, please follow these instructions to connect it to Firefox Sync to copy your data.


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You can install the About Sync extension in Firefox 72 and newer on desktop to check what data is stored on the Sync server via the about:sync page provided by this extension.

Close and restart Firefox to access the about:sync page added by this extension (see the about:about page for possible about pages).


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