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How can I stop Tbird from dumping all my wife's emails to me into Spam?

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Beginning last week every email from my wife goes to Spam. I have manually marked each one [shift+J] as not Junk. I have manually moved them all from Spam to Inbox, and Tbird insists they're Spam and puts them back. I have created a special folder on the server side "Special" and set filters to put all incoming from her into that folder before checking for spam. They still get routed to Spam.

 I've enabled Adaptive Filter Logging and Reset Training Data.
 No luck.
 Wife's pissed....

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Spam is managed by the mail provider, and filters mail before it reaches TB (which uses a Junk folder). Open the account in webmail and whitelist your wife's address, possibly by adding it to webmail contacts.


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