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Password manager not usable

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After using Firefox for many years, I decided to use a master password in Firefox, and unfortunately found out that this feature is not really a security for private data. When using a master password, the Firefox browser reacts arbitrarily when asking for the password. Sometimes the query appears immediately, sometimes later. And everyone has immediate access to saved bookmarks, despite this protection. The protection reacts too late or not at all. So the protection makes no sense from my point of view. If the protection should only be there to secure the access data, then the query of the master password should be much more useful or? This arbitrary reaction of the browser is extremely annoying and nonsensical. So from my point of view either a query on startup of Firefox, or a query when you want to access the password database would be much more useful. As this function is currently offered, it is simply unbreakable! Therefore my request... Please improve or revise the function.

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The Primary(Master) Password only protects the login data. Nothing else. Also, currently, there is a bug that causes the Primary to be asked for repeatedly.

Bug 1636578 Opened 1 year ago Updated 2 months ago Master password dialogue box pops up again after putting in master password, even though it accepts password

djdanby said

. . . And everyone has immediate access to saved bookmarks

Only those with access to your computer's user account will have assess to your data. If there are others using your system, set up a separate non-administration user account for each of them. This will keep everyone's data separate and secure.


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