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Who's entitled to be listed as part of 5 installs ?

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Hello, Is the number of 5 installs is the number of concurrent users at the same time or nb of machine with has the VPN software installed ? Also as an example, as the VPN can be bought in France, can it be used by a member of the family (a student for ex.) in another country to get access to the french addresses as if he would be based in France (by selecting a FR server ?) ? Thanks for the feedback. Y

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Hi there, thank you for posting on the forum!

You can add up to 5 devices with one subscription. So you will be able to download Mozilla VPN on 5 different PC´s or mobile phones as long as they´re compatible. Mozilla VPN compatible with the following devices: Windows 10 (64-bit only) macOS (10.15 and up) Android (version 6 and up) iOS (13.0 and up) Linux (Ubuntu-only) At this time, it is not compatible with gaming consoles such as (Playstation or Xbox) or routers.

Make sure you login with the same email address that you have created the subscription with. At the moment Mozilla VPN is only available for download in the following European countries: England, France, Germany. If the person is outside those countries, they will not be able to download it to their device.


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