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Password and popup sign in can't sign in OR OUT.

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Changed and saved my password in two places (including my password manager). Went in to sign out in my account setting in the triple bars. The "Sign In" "pop-up" that states at the top "Pass Required-Mozilla Firefox" and "Please enter Primary Password" displays (see image). When I enter my newly changed password either by copy and paste or manual entry it will not accept my most recent change. The reason I changed my password is every time I open Firebox that same sign in pop-up block displays asking for my password even though I am already signed in. I cannot login anywhere in the "Foxfire Lockwise". no where where it requires me to sign in or even sign out will it allow me to enter my password. And that Password sign in pop up keep popping up at odd times. I even Refresh and cleared startup cache. Should I just delete Firefox completely and start over? Have had Firefox for well over 15 years.

Windows 10 on a Dell Laptop

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