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Questions About Profiles

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Although Profile Manager only shows 1 profile, there are 3 folders in %AppData%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.




The first one, which is from 2017, seems to be only a partial profile: its only sub-folder is storage (and that has virtually nothing in it). I assume that I can delete this folder.

The other two profile folders look pretty similar other than one of them is from about a year ago. Would the current folder (the one with today's date) have been created when some new version of FF was installed? I currently have 67.0.4. Is there a good reason to keep this older profile folder?

What is the purpose for the profile folder in %AppData%\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles ? This has the same name as the current profile, but doesn't have all of the current profile's sub-folders.

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The bugiyvkt.default-1399763320971 folder is your profile and the other two appear to be backups, possibly created by other program because they have epoch timestamps at the end of them.

Of course, it's hard to tell without actually seeing anything within the folders. But if Firefox can only see one of them anyway, you should be fine to delete the other two. If not, you can always recover them from the recycle bin.

As for the local profiles, those are for cache items. These you should usually just leave alone so that you don't accidentally break something.

Hope this helps.