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How can I debug the downloaded webpage instead of the attempted download of the source?

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The application I am developing requires authentication. After logging in, I access the program, for example http://<website>/<program> Now, when I press F12 and look in the debugger, the source for this program displays the login page source instead of the actual program that is displayed in the web browser.

The Inspector shows the javascript that I want to debug, but the debugger > sources shows the login page.

How do I debug the javascript that is displayed in the inspector? It doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Debugger tab of the developer tools

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Hi AdamKnight, the Debugger mostly shows the scripts used in the page, and those are seldom modified after load. The Inspector shows the current DOM as modified after download. I'm not sure what you would like to do with the page, but if you want to view or save the modified DOM as an HTML document, you could try either:

  • right-click the HTML element in the Inspector and Copy > Outer HTML and then paste that into your preferred editor
  • Select All (Ctrl+a) in the page, right-click > View Selection Source to launch the current DOM in a new tab
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Hi jscher200, thank you for your quick response!

The inspector does show the javascript that I want to debug. But that same javascript cannot be found in the Debugger tab of the developer tools.

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Could you try asking the dev tools team on their forum here: