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Mij stipescams. Wy sille jo nea freegje in telefoannûmer te beljen, der in sms nei ta te stjoeren of persoanlike gegevens te dielen. Meld fertochte aktiviteit mei de opsje ‘Misbrûk melde’.

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Dizze konversaasje is argivearre. Stel in nije fraach as jo help nedich hawwe.

Von Welchem Zeitraum werden unter meistbesuchten Websites angezeigt?

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An meinem Computer werden Webseiten angezeigt unter meistbesuchten besucht! Für welchen Zeitraum? Die letzten drei Tage oder Jahre, oder seit Anschaffung des Computers? LG Steffi

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TRANSLATION ONLY __________________________________________ What period is displayed on the most visited sites?

Websites are displayed on my computer among the most visited! For which period? The last three days or years, or since the purchase of the computer? LG Steffi

Depends where you look. Most recent is most recent and get over written as you visit more.

I prefer myself the Firefox Menu Bar. Mouse to page top to a empty spot and Right Click, Click Menu Bar then Click History then Show All History. Would be last time did a format or last time completely uninstalled Firefox and did not use a backup of your profile.

Different places, bookmarks, History, Different results.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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The Most Visited smart folder shows a "Visit Count" query of the history and all history you see in the History Manager (Library) is taken into account. This is similar to what you see in the Library when you make this column visible (Viewws -> Columns) and sort the history by this column.