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Thunderbird / Lightning does not sync Lightning-Calendar events to Google Calendar

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... (however, it pulls Google Calendar events correctly into Lightning via CalDav)

I have tried and failed for hours to get the bidirectional syncing to work.

Pulling Google Calendar data into Thunderbird / Lightning works fine, but events that are created in the Lightning Calendar are not making it to Google (neither web nor android). The only way for a new event to make it to Google is to create it and immediately link it to the imported Google Calendar in the Thunderbird dialogue box when the event is first created.

Or in other words: If I run the calendar "work" in Lightning linked to my work email account and then import the calendar "home" from Google Calendar, none of the "work" events make it to Google. If I accept an evite to a work event, neither my android phone nor my family members on Google Calendar will know.

Thanks for your help in advance! Mike

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The only calendar linked to google is "work" why would you expect information for the calendar home to somehow bleed into another calendar.

That is a bit like having two word documents open and asking why the content of one is not visible in the other.

While Lightning manages to display the merged details of a number of calendars, they are not a single file, just a single view that Lighting creates from multiple sources.

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Thanks Matt and sorry for the confusion. I guess I didnt make myself clear enough - I would like for work calendar events in lightning to be synced into my google calendar on android. as there is no thunderbird/lightning for android, I need this direction into google in order to see those work events on my smartphone and then share the google home calendar (synced with my work calendar on lightning) with my family...or am I misunderstanding you somehow? thanks, mike

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where is your work calendar hosted? That I think is the first issue.