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How can I stop Firefox Update?

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I would like to stop Firefox 32.0.2 from upgrading to later versions. How can I do this please?

Tried (and FAILED) to stop update:

Preferences > Advanced > Update > Never about:config > remove all update urls from settings hosts file mark out and and subdomains

Is it possible to stop this update? My version of Flash for Linux continually crashes the later browser. OS: Linux

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Can I please ask why you would like to stop updates?

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"My version of Flash for Linux continually crashes the later browser. OS: Linux "

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There is a way to disable updates by going through the Options menu but after disabling it through there, when you would go to Help > About Firefox, it would update regardless of that setting. 2 methods here, pick one. You can set these prefs in about:config to disable automatic updating: - false app.update.enabled - false app.update.silent - false

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Thanks for the response I'll try tonight.

Update (!)

These settings were already 'false' and Firefox still updates.

Bewurke troch Fatbeard op

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Is there a way to stop Firefox from Updating?

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On some distributions of Linux, an external package manager may be handling the updates.

Using an obsolete/vulnerable Firefox combined with an obsolete/vulnerable Flash plugin is a security problem. Can you use an up-to-date Firefox for non-Flash browsing and Chromium + Pepper Flash for Flash sites?

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Hi and thanks ... nice ideas.

My OS is pretty much bulletproof so not worried about the same things as a windows user... just want to run the old version of FF with the old version of flash.

Is it possible to stop FF updating?

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OK... to stop FF update simply delete/rename the update executable eg... /opt/bin/Firefox/app/updater

The browser sometimes complains that it can't install an update patch, but as this is what I want there will be no tears tonight arrr!

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