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I am trying to delete a site from the dropdown list

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Not my history. Just the annoying drop down list. I have lots of sites that I go to that do not appear in the list. I was formerly able to delete them by highlighting them and pressing delete. I have them on bookmarks and do not want them on the drop down menu. How do I delete them?

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Hi blhaws2, There is an option to select what appears in that drop down of the url bar. To change this setting:

  1. Please open up the Firefox menu and click on the Privacy tab. or this will be in the urlbar about:preferences#privacy
  2. Under the Location bar there will be three check boxes where you can uncheck bookmarks.

Clear recent searches from the Search bar and deleting history entries will have to be done from History > Show all History

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If you have visited a bookmarked site then this site can appear as history in the location bar drop-down list. So if you have disabled bookmarks to show in that list then you will still see them as visited websites. You can't remove bookmarked sites (i.e. entries that have a star) permanently unless you would remove the bookmark.

You can set what suggestions to show when you enter an URL in the location/address bar here:

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Location Bar: When using the location bar, suggest:
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