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Rolling Reindeer (fleurquin)

Paris, FR


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Writer, copywriter and now even temptative screen-writer. Also a functional analyst, and usability expert.

As a website developer I was a big Firefox supporter from the very beginning (I think it was 0.8 or 0.9) because :

1) it was a 5MB download, as opposed to the plethoric 60+MB downloads required back then by IE5.5 and IE6 and their never-ending flow of security updates;

2) it was respectful of the W3C conventions (something that had not been the main focus at Microsoft to say the least - as a project manager for designing websites, that was a big deal);

3) I hate monopolistic situations in general, and at the time with its 95+% market share, Microsoft was clearly in a monopolistic situation and abused it to kill the competition (R.I.P. Netscape). And because of this monopole, Microsoft at the time had decided against the launch of any new version of IE, any attempt to improve standard-compliance of its browser and for a total feature-freeze and pushing its own proprietary agenda (such as VB Script instead of javascript).

In a nutshell, I jumped on the FF bandwagon because Microsoft was disrespectful of standards and people, arrogant, obnoxious and really childish: the Lady Vancôme of the web (see the link to website).

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