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clearing cookies

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I asked this some time ago. "Does clearing cookies in Firefox delete usernames and passwords". The answer i got was no, only if i have a remember me. I`ve tried this again without the remember me box ticked on some sites but it does delete the usernames and passwords. Any further information please?

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The purpose of the cookies option in clear recent history is to clear all cookies and discarding the exceptions.
You usually set a specific time frame like the last hour in case there are problems that can't be solved easily otherwise.

What do you mean with: I have to keep signing in to Firefox

Firefox would only show a dialog to enter the Master Password when starting if access to passwords is needed. Sync and opening web pages with a login form and you have stored a name and password can cause this.

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Yes, any removal of involved cookies, either via built-in Firefox means or by using external (cleanup) programs, will make websites forget about you and you will have to log in once again.

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Another to be aware of. Cheers

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