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I did something and now FF is wiped 100% clean. How can I turn back time? Can I use Sync?

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I was trying to get rid of some adware and reset FF. Bad move. In a panic I did a system restore, and now FF is wiped of ALL personal info, add-ons, bookmarks. I show no bookmark backup files. I desperately need my bookmarks back. Can I use Sync to get my stuff back? Is it still on my computer? I know not what to do. Thank you.

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If you have used System Restore then Windows may have restored the profiles.ini file to a previous version that doesn't know about the new profile that the reset created.

You can check which profile folders are currently present in the location that Firefox uses and see if you can re-register that profile by creating a new profile and click "Choose folder" to select the location on that lost profile.

In case you need to move over data from a previously used profile, see: