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Why is firefox hooked to chrome update?

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I was running boost and noticed this:

Why is firefox altering chrome files? Is firefox unsafe for my PC, should I remove it?

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Hi acustic, I don't know what application is showing you that screen, but to be clear: Firefox never touches any applications installed by the user. In this case it says "Mozilla Plugins". It's unfortunately not clear what that means. It could be an extension that was installed into Firefox that is doing something with Chrome. It could also be a plugin like Flash or Java. Really, it's impossible to tell. The best way to make sure that Firefox is not running any extensions that you are not aware of is reseting Firefox. Here is how: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings

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Your screenshot refers to the Google Update plugin. This plugin is added to your computer when you install Google software and Firefox is detecting the plugin. Google has this information page on its "Google Update" software:

For more information about the Google Update plugin you see listed in the Firefox Add-ons Plugins list, see:

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the npgoogleupdate3.dll plugin is a plugin by google that hooks into the firefox browser. so if you have concerns about what is going on, you'd have to direct those to google's software that is installed on your pc (the google update is generally also present in the autorun programs, and scheduled to run via the task planner without any choice for the user).