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can`t restore Bookmark add-on link entry

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I use epubreader add-on.

It has 2 entries/links in Display your bookmarks button.

I deleted the one in Recently Bookmarked and this also removed the other one which was bellow Recent Tags and above Unsorted Bookmarks.

I removed the add-on (epubreader) restarted firefox and installed it again but the links were still missing.

Is there a way to bring them (or only the one Not in Recently Bookmarked list) back again?

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Library> Import and Backup> Restore

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Library> Import and Backup> Restore

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  • "Most Visited" and "Recently Bookmarked" and "Recent Tags" are examples of so called Smart Bookmarks folders and are not real existing folders.
  • Such smart folders show a list created by a query of the places.sqlite database that stores the bookmarks and the history in Firefox.
  • Smart folder lists show a maximum of 10 entries by default.
  • Bookmarks or history items that show up in a smart folder list are stored elsewhere in another folder and any changes made are applied to the real bookmark or history item.
  • If you remove an entry then the list is shifted up and a new entry that wasn't shown previously is added to show 10 entries.
  • If you add a new bookmark or visit a website then a new item is added at the top and the entry at the bottom disappears from that list.
  • Items that disappear from the list are not gone, but merely do not show up anymore in that list.
  • Actions like copy & paste or delete that you perform on bookmarks in such a list are done on the original bookmark.