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[SOLVED] Can't uninstall TopArcadeHits extension?

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I downloaded something from download[dot]com (I'm not typing in the address because I don't want anyone to link there without proper warning). I've searched and done *everything* I've found for removing this extension. MBAM, Spyware Terminator, Windows Defender (I'm on W8 and it's built in, so no reason not to use it), uninstall manually, nothing.

It's not listed *anywhere* on my computer. But while searching, I did find something. It creates a Windows Task object that re-installs the extension and it's component software (i.e. a separate program that collects user data) on startup if it's removed.

Can anyone provide help? I've even found the solutions listed here and they don't work anymore.

EDIT: for anyone else reading this, you have to find and delete the global folder that the extension has placed itself in.

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@ Jof16s

Did deleting the global folder work?

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The global folder will be located in your hard drive's Program Files folder.

It will have the name TopHits, TopArcade, HitsArcade, TopHitsArcade, etc.

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I just had the same problem (after downloading something from downloads dot com).

After reading this thread and the one at, I simply uninstalled TopArcadeHits via Windows7 Control Panel / Programs and Features.

Two days and one reboot later, I still haven't suffered a recurrence.

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kenatsun: It seems there is more than one version of this virus. Still, I'd check and see if there's anything named "toparcade" on your computer by searching. Just to be safe.

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Good idea.

I scanned for "toparcadehits", and found a file named tt.toparcadehits[1].xml in c:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore\YK15M8MR.

I very seldom use IE, so if this has any consequence, it hasn't befallen me.

For what it's worth, the entire content of this file is...

<root><item name="hdhd4ehjehssjh" value="0" ltime="2317107664" htime="30307991" /></root>

...which is all Greek to me.

Anyway, I just deleted it.

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