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Is there a way to enable content advisor like you can on Internet Explorer browser?

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On Internet Explorer there is an option under tools that allows you to turn on or enable something called content advisor which asks for a password before going to any webpage. I want to know how to set this up on Firefox if possible.

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The feature makes the browser completely inoperable until the password is entered? As far as I know, Firefox doesn't have anything like that built in.

There are some add-ons which password protect Firefox in a limited sense. This thread has an example: can I protect a profile with a password? However, users may be able to bypass this protection in a couple different ways, so it's certainly not airtight.

You might need external software to have more control over Firefox. See for example:

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Hi mamaofnine,

I think there is no such built-in feature of Firefox but you can use an Extension.
Here are some options:

Hope that helped you! Please report back!