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migration of add-ons -- what is the requirement of Developers to have backup of configuration?

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I recently RESET firefox and learnt configuration settings of the addons are not saved.

the add-ons that DONT support migration, that have a decent about of config to have it work as you desire

> downloadstatus bar

> menu editor

> netusage

> download helper (and set the download window where I like it)

> 1password - ffox addon did not keep settings (there are 3 to change)

> userscripts - i learned stored in profile directory under gm_scripts. you can copy from old to new

1 What is requirement of FFox to developers of addon to support migration ability of configuration? "

2 Would firefox consider showing this in the add-on, eg. no migration supported?

So at least we know when selecting whether to install if we need to do something else e.g. take screenshots of our configuration. And if one addon did support migration and another didnot, i would prefer to install the one that did support migration.

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My userscripts use either Firefox preferences (prefs.js) or local storage (?) for settings and data. Copying the gm_scripts folder won't restore that.

There really is not a convenient way for a user to extract the settings from the old settings folder on the desktop. In the long run I'm going to need a cloud backup solution, but that's not something I can do in the near term.

(Insert sad face here...)