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one website appears small and in the upper left corner of the screen - how do I fix


A website that used to appear normal on my screen now has shrunk and is at the upper left corner of the screen. It is too small for me to use. How do I get the website to appear normal size again? I already tried "Full Screen" option and that does not fix the problem. I am using Firefox 16.0.2 and Windows 7.

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hello sisis, first please update Firefox to the latest version (17.0.1 at the moment).

afterwards go through the troubleshooting steps listed at Websites look wrong or appear differently than they should - they cover the most common solutions for the issue you've described.

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Well, good tips, but they could try ctrl and scrolling on their mouse in so that it gets bigger....

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@jack, resetting the zoom level is already covered in the help article ;-)