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When will a 64bit release version be out?

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You have all these alpha, beta and nightly releases of 64bit versions for Windows. There are even Firefox spin-offs that are 64bit. What's the hold up. I've seen 1,000,001 people ask the same question since Windows Vista x64. Now we have Windows 8 coming out which I don't think even HAS a 32-bit version.

What's the hold-up people?

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There is no real advantage to having a 64 bit version. Windows 64 bit will run a 32-bit version of Firefox totally fine, so installing Firefox 32 bit on Windows 64 bit is something totally supported and working (I do it on all my computers). Eventually Firefox will support 64 bit on windows, but that is on hold due to other more important projects right now.

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There are many folks like myself moving to x64bit as apps have been coming out to take advantage of this. Windows 7 has a IE 64 bit and Java is now going onto 64bit runtime. To date, to have a 64bit Java runtime, as a user or a developer, requires running IE x64bit. FF is unable to be here and I have yet to find a way to pick a 32bit java for FF and let IE use a 64bit java and I have spent many hours attempting.

What you have implied, but I am sure cannot say out loud, is we will have to settle for IE or Chrome until Mozilla gets up on it.

An ETA would be nice.

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No I didn't imply that. You totally can install an x86 and x64 java plugin on the same computer at the same time. If you have trouble, will do it for you if you have a x64 machine.

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OK, Lets clarify and cut through the bull.

1. The OFFICIAL does NOT produce a 64bit Browser. Correct?

2. For those of us that want to stick with the browser ONLY from, we are suppose to wait until informs us they have programmed a 64bit browser for a 64bit OS and then we can download from their site. Currently the 64bit is a low priority to other features.? Correct?

Yes, i see lots of mods of Firefox out there but I prefer to stick with the browsers from MOZILLA.ORG. When i have tried other versions of Firefox NOT from, my ADD-ON's seems to get into trouble.

Question: That means, IF we use only the OFFICIAL and current version of Firefox, we do not need to install JAVA for 32 and 64bit until programs a 64bit browser and distributes it. CORRECT?

So I can stop looking for a 64bit and stick with the official 32bit?

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Yes, stick with the the 32-bit builds until Mozilla releases a 64-bit Windows build of Firefox.

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...which won't happen anytime soon...

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jagman55, Mozilla does make 64-bit releases of Firefox but only for Mac OSX and Linux and not Win64.

You do not need to install Java in order to use a Win64 build of Firefox.

The priority of Win64 builds of Firefox has gone down in last while as they are Tier-3 builds now (used to be Tier-2) while the officially supported Win32, Mac OSX 32/64-bit and Linux 32/64-bit Release builds are Tier-1.

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