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Firefox 13.01 Update - Flash Player still crashing

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Have installed the Update about an hour ago but have had 2 notifications since that the Flash Player has crashed.

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Hi jlmorris, is this your first post about this? Did you see this article: Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again?

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At the very bottom of the instructions it says:

Important: It will be important to install the update that fixes this issues as using the latest version of Flash is critical to keeping your computer safe.

So doesn't that mean that using an older version of Flash will be unsafe? It sounds like I'll be trading constant crashing for a slew of viruses. How is that better?

I'll tell ya what, this is getting really old. Is this issue ever going to be resolved or should I start looking into Chrome?

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The version has the latest security patches.

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I'm having this problem incessantly whenever watching YouTube videos. I updated Firefox, uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player, etc. It's ridiculous. It's to the point where I hesitate to even touch the tab with YouTube in it because it might crash. If I try to pause, rewind/forward or change the window size, anything at all, it crashes about 25% of the time. Firefox freezes for about 30 seconds and then I get the message that Flash player has crashed. This is in addition to the problem with Netflix and movies simply not loading, which I've been having for about 6 months now, on and off.

I've stopped using Firefox to watch videos entirely. Now I have Chrome constantly open as well, just for YouTube and Netflix. It's a pretty disappointing situation.

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did u install IE Tab? i suspect my issue could be cause by IE tab but it too useful that i dont bear to uninstall... sigh

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I do have IE Tab Plus installed, but it's been disabled for a very long time, since early last year I think. I will uninstall it completely and see if that changes anything over the next few days. The only addon I've installed recently (ie. within the past 2 months) has been RSS Ticker and I think the YouTube crash problem predates that, but I can't remember for sure. I'll try uninstalling that :( after the IE Tab test.

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harky and pumkin54, if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, have you considered disabling the new protected mode in Flash 11.3? See this support article from Adobe under the heading "Last Resort": Adobe Forums: How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?

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I have not been able to use Firefox 13, 14, due to Flash problems. I got tired of using other browsers as a substitute, so I decided to download Firefox 15 beta yesterday to see if the problem had been fixed yet. I am pleased to say that with this version running on my computer, I am no longer having any problems with the browser freezing on pages with Flash content, or flash videos not loading or working properly. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit as an operating system and am running common Firefox add-ons like Adblock Plus, NoScript, and WOT. I don't know how people feel about using a beta version of Firefox, but it certainly does bode well for those of us who are having these problems with flash and are waiting for a fix.

Edit: 15/08/2012: Yesterday, Firefox 15 beta 4 started having trouble with displaying Flash content (Same as before - stuttering, slow loading, freezing). No viruses found, plug-ins up to date, no new add-ons or themes added or removed. A simple uninstall/reinstall did nothing. I have not tried resetting Firefox yet. My computer updated Flash sometime within the last 24 hours, going from 11.3.300.270 to 11.3.300.271 (set to auto update). I don't know if this is the culprit. Also, problems with FF 15 b4 occurred before I downloaded "Patch Tuesday" Microsoft updates, so that would not be the problem.

In any case, I will go back to Chrome for a while until there has been an update for Firefox or Flash, and try again.

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