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How to force Firefox to ask to "Remember Password"

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There seem to be a few threads about this topic, however none have answered/resolved my questions.

I set up an account on an airline website to manage frequent flier miles etc., and the first time I logged in, Firefox dutifully asked if I would like the page to "Remember Password?". I selected "Remember Password" and navigated around the site a bit. I then closed my browser. I opened it again, went back to the site, and my password was supplied, however not my username. So I went to Tools-->Options-->Security-->Saved Passwords and cleared the entry for this site from the list.

Why doesn't Firefox ask me to "Remember Password?" anymore? It is not on my Exceptions list. I have cleared cookies etc., but checked all settings, and still, the page will not ask me to "Remember Password?" again, even though it did the first time and worked.

How can I FORCE Firefox to "Remember Password?" Is there a way I can just input it, or at least prompt Firefox to ask me again?

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You can check if there is an entry with an empty user name if Firefox didn't fill the user name.

  • Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Saved Passwords" > "Show Passwords"

Some websites use JavaScript to clear fields or use autocomplete=off to prevent the browser from storing the name and password and Firefox won't save the name in such cases.

See also:

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The Saved Password Editor Add-on does the trick, however I would prefer to be able to do this without installing an Add-on...

This seems like something that should be included in a future updates and re-designs of Firefox...

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I think that when Mozilla took away the component feature nsLoginManager.js that allowed us to TURN Off the feature that causes sites to NOT allow us to save the passwords was one of Mozilla's Biggest Mistakes and now I cannot run the newest version of Adobe Flash Player on my version 3.6.28 of Firefox. I REFUSE to not have 100% control of my passwords and if they are presented to me or not. The plug-ins feature DOES NOT DO AS GOOD as previous versions of Firefox. Geez.


I'm going back to version 3.6.28 it worked with older version of Flash and I'm not hassled with password issues.