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Why can't I see the URL in the address bar when I click on a hyperling, as opposed to typing in a URL? I send a lot of links, but if I can't copy and paste them from your address bar I'll have to abandon Firefox and use another browser.

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I just gave you the details. When I click on a hyperlink, the URL of the site/page is not in the address box at the top of the page.

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Why can't I see the URL in the location bar when I click on a hyperlink:

That does not sound like 6.0.2, were you just on 7.0.1 and then reverted back to 6.0.2?


Change your about:config settings to see things properly on the location bar

browser.urlbar.trimURLs change to false to restore http://... prefix
browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled change to false to remove formatting

-- Redesign a browser for idiots, and only idiots (with powerful computers) will be able to use it.

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I hate to seem like an idiot, but this is all to complicated. Isn't there one thing I can go to, or click, to actaully see the URL's of the sites I am visiting? And why would the default setting of a new edition of Firefox disables my ability to see those URL's?

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Type about:config in the Location (address) bar and press the "Enter" key. When you see a warning, click I'll be careful, I promise! button.

-> In the Filter bar, type browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled

  • Right click the preference browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled and click Toggle
  • The value is now set to False

-> In the Filter bar, type browser.urlbar.trimURLs

  • Right click the preference browser.urlbar.trimURLs and click Toggle
  • The value is now set to False

-> Close the about:config tab and then Restart Firefox.

Check and tell if its working.

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Specific directions to change configuration options were included in the referenced article in the first reply, but just so you don't have to continue in the future with that nonsense -- Use the checkbox there to avoid the warning in the future. For a more detailed explanation of about:config and many of the entries that you can change see: