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How can I delete the contents in Cache.Trash folder (not the normal Cache folder)?

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Recently, I keep receiving notice of "Hard Disk is Full - You have run out of disk space on drive C. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click Disk Clean-up". But after I removed a substantial sizes of files to another drive, in a short while, the notice reappear again. I was puzzled and take a check on the files and folders in drive C and realized the problem came from those unknown files in the folder named Cache.Trash (not the normal Cache folder although they are located side by side). Some files sizes are shockingly large ranging from 2GB to 5GB. They have strange and difficult to identify File Name and File Types. When I checked the Properties of those files, they have unknown MS-DOS name, Created, Modified and Accessed dates. When I tried to delete those files directly, a notice of "Error Deleting File: Cannot delete file: File system error (1026)" appeared. Note: There are still many Free Space available in other disk drives. Any idea please?

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If a session has crashed and Firefox finds the dirty flag (that is normally reset if Firefox is closed properly) still set in the cache map file then Firefox copies (renames) the current cache to the Cache.Trash folder and creates a new cache folder.

On the next normal start that Trash folder should be deleted.
If you can't delete that trash folder and Firefox also doesn't do that then do a disk check with the Scandisk program to see if there are corrupted files.

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There is no session crash here. On others start, the Cache.Trash folder and its contents still there. When a ScanDisk program is performed, after some time, a notice appeared, "ScanDisk has restarted 10 times because Windows or another program has been writing to this drive. Quitting some running programs may enable ScanDisk to finish sooner. Do you want to continue receiving this warning?" So I closed any other running application and program and restart the ScanDisk program again. After some time, the notice appeared again. I clicked No to indicate do not want to continue receiving this warning and the program keep repeating long will the program take?