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When I search I am redirected to "Firefox can't find the server at WWW.xn--& How can I fix it?

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I can log on to the mozilla/firefox home page, but when I try to search or check my e-mail, I am always redirected to a blank screen with a smaller window in the middle which says, "Firefox can't find the server at WWW.xn--&". This message is opened 3 consecutive times. The page I wanted to open is not open. This began today. My HP laptop has Windows XP

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See Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

Otherwise at least say

  • Who are you using for webmail ?
  • Are you able to open the email site, is the fault only when you start to use the email itself ?

A quick web search suggests your problem you have may well be caused by malware. See also for instance /questions/668562 and for suggested action /questions/757994#answer-109685