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I maintain several websites. I use an FTP program. How do I edit source code in Foxfire?

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I have several websites that I have made and maintain. When I had IE7, I used an FTP program and then opened the page source to edit the page. How do I edit in Foxfire using my FTP program?

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I am not sure of the answer, but see this thread where cor-el is suggesting use of Fire Zilla or FireFTP. Note also if you have not found it that the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut will display page source, the option now having moved to the Web Developer menu.

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Yes, I quickly discovered how to ACCESS the page source, but I have not yet discovered how to edit it. In the old IE7, I was able to easily change anything I wanted in the HTML and then save it in my FTP program to effect the changes.

Thanks for the thread; I will check it out.

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I just followed the thread. It basically says that one cannot use FTP to edit in Firefox; one must use IE. I guess I'll have to keep on using my old IE7.

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The post by cor-el mentions two firefox add-ons

Do they not help?

Are you trying to actually edit the HTML in firefox ?

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You need to use an HTML editor if you want to make changes to the source code.

You can look at KompoZer:

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