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App tabs lost after shut down and I have to redo them after every shut down any idea as to why they dissappear?

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I use the app tab feature. After I have made the app tabs they disappear when I reboot the computer after shut down. So each time I have my frequently use sites as app tabs they disappear after shut down and reboot? Any Ideas as to why? I use Firefox 5, on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine. I use the addon "Too Many Tabs" would that conflict with the "App Tab" feature?

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There are definitely work arounds that can help, however, why should a user have to jump through hoops just to keep a feature persistent?

The bug needs to be fixed...  :)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L775, with Windows 7 Home. Each time I shut down, rather than go into sleep mode, I lose Firefox - get message that the shortcut links don't work do I want to delete them. I've tried reinstalling both from files on computer, and the internet. I've used different versions, including latest v12. Problem remains.

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Firefox has begun to suk. This bug has been with us for months. There is a problem with loading Google mail contacts in firefox...... 'After years with firefox I am going to look at some other browsers.'

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To GeorgeLex and tittiger:

When you posted a reply to this thread recently, you were replying to a question that was asked over a year ago.

This thread was locked because of a new feature just added to the Support Forum, that automatically locks a thread if it was originally created over 180 days in the past.

If you need help with Firefox you should ask a new question on the support forum. You can use this link as a starting point:

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