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Open letter, FireFox 4 is a mistake!

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I've been a FireFox user since the original Mozilla 0.9something beta, and I have been happy with it.

Until now.

FireFox 4, it seems, was rushed and released long before it was ready. It locks up. Frequently. In all sorts of different circumstances (downloading, browsing, watching video streaming, restoring after a crash, attempting to clear the download list, etc..). More often than not, I have to close it using the Windows Task Manager. It eats memory. Seriously, do you really expect a browser to consume up to and over 1 GB of memory and people to keep using it? The little add-ons are nice, but with the core functions so flawed, they are of little use.

If you google "i hate firefox 4" you get over 16,900,000 results! That's a public relations nightmare for any company! Do the devs here realize or even care about the damage being done now to their reputation? With extreme dissatisfaction numbers like that, they're going to be bleeding market share, if they haven't already! Even as I was typing this, with the Ask a New Question page the only thing I have open, FireFox locked up for a few moments.

After over a decade of using and support FireFox and it's ancestors, I'm going to be giving IE 9 a try.

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Yes I counted everything. As far as cache growing to big, I have never had mine grow so big that it caused a performance problem. But then again I am pretty consistent in keeping mine clean. But to counter your point about this is being done to improve performance with the way they are breaking things up with 16 sub folders and then making a new folder for each file loaded in cache has hurt my performance when I revisit a site. Please reread from my last post about the number of clock cycles being wasted just making folder for each file downloaded from the site I am viewing. With 3.6, when I revisited a site I did not have to wait for everything to reload FF 3.6 would have it in cache and just load the page like I had a internet connection of 1GB/s. the site would just pop up. One of the first things I notice with FF 4 was when I went back to a site I had already been on I had to wait for the site to reload. Also as far as the copy right police link you posted makes me wonder why Mozilla is not thinking of it user and instead is playing internet cop. Copy right material does not belong on the sites we view videos from and is quickly taken down when it is discovered. I site You Tube aggressive approach to this problem. Mozilla is not the internet police and should inform anyone who complains that the site are the one responsible for their content not the browser. I think this has more to do more with someone not wanting us to know what is in our cache then any copy right problem. The way it is set up is just pure overkill for any reason except to hide things from the user. But hey don't worry about it. I have posted on other site that Mozilla has now started down the path of the once great but arrogant Netscape. Please take the time to read up on the downfall of that company. I am sure Mozilla will not relent and will defend this to the point that the people using FF is down to under 5% or less and is no longer a driving force in web browsers or openness on the web. I do know that I will use FF 3.6 until it rolls over and dies then switch to a browser that thinks more of their users and does not come up with ways to hide from me what is in my cache.

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I disagree with your conspiracy theories, but you should choose the browser that makes you happy.

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For someone who is not an employee you sure are johnny on the spot with your replies. It is also interesting that you have not run test and disputed my finding unless you did and found them to be true. I am sure you do disagree and the sad thing is how many others do agree with me. I will be tracking the web usage of FF 4 at and we will see how many people migrate up to FF 4 and how many of us switch when 3.6 dies. To state Mozilla mission statement "Mozilla's mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web." The way the cache folder and its sub folders are set up does not promote openness. They also demonstrate that Mozilla feels we need to be kept in the dark about what is loaded on our hard drive while web surfing. I think it is sad to see the beginning of the end of a company who at one time I thought would beat IE. I have been loyal user since 2.0 and i guess like all good things they do come to an end. I think your going to lose a third to half of your loyal followers after 3.6 is gone.

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@TWB404, here's a little test. I created a new profile in Firefox 4 and in Firefox 3.6. I cleared the cache and loaded this page, which has 9 photos and a link to Google Analytics for keeping statistics:

I got very comparable results in both versions:

Firefox 4:

about:cache = 13 entries, 831 KiB

  • nine JPEG images
  • one HTML page
  • one favicon
  • one script
  • one "expired" GIF (not cached)

Windows Explorer properties = 13 files, 863 KiB

  • 9 files in the 0-F folders
  • 4 files in the top level cache folder (_CACHE_001_, _CACHE_002_, _CACHE_003_, _CACHE_MAP_)

The page HTML, the favicon, and the script appear to be stored in compressed format in the _CACHE_ files.


05/02/2011  07:42 PM            73,858 B64F2d01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            82,221 7DFCCd01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            87,864 3B628d01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            91,058 18374d01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            69,554 42F74d01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM           109,764 678C6d01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM           122,691 ACFBDd01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            81,306 7424Bd01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            98,593 BB14Ed01
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            25,961 _CACHE_001_
05/02/2011  07:42 PM             7,006 _CACHE_002_
05/02/2011  07:42 PM            12,605 _CACHE_003_
05/02/2011  07:42 PM               276 _CACHE_MAP_
    Total Files Listed:
             13 File(s)        862,757 bytes


Firefox 3.6:

about:cache = 13 entries, 831 KiB

  • nine JPEG images
  • one HTML page
  • one favicon
  • one script
  • one "expired" GIF (not cached)

Windows Explorer properties = 13 files, 853 KiB

  • 9 image files in the top level cache folder
  • 4 files in the top level cache folder (_CACHE_001_, _CACHE_002_, _CACHE_003_, _CACHE_MAP_)

The page HTML, the favicon, and the script appear to be stored in compressed format in the _CACHE_ files.


05/02/2011  07:45 PM            73,858 312B64F2d01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            82,221 4017DFCCd01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            87,864 5963B628d01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            91,058 6E518374d01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            69,554 9EA42F74d01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM           109,764 D00678C6d01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM           122,691 E00ACFBDd01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            81,306 F8B7424Bd01
05/02/2011  07:45 PM            98,593 F95BB14Ed01
05/02/2011  07:44 PM            14,941 _CACHE_001_
05/02/2011  07:44 PM             5,468 _CACHE_002_
05/02/2011  07:44 PM            15,677 _CACHE_003_
05/02/2011  07:44 PM               276 _CACHE_MAP_
             13 File(s)        853,271 bytes


The fact that there are 13 cache entries and 13 physical files is a coincidence. The four files at the top level are always there, and the other 9 are the JPEGs. The main point is, I just don't see much difference here other than the obvious one of Firefox 4 using using a lot of sub-folders.

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fire fox people i am a busy guy i dont have the time to ever register for anything but i wanted to tell you that your firefox 4 SUCKS SO BAD IT IS .....

the balance of this posting was filth and it was deleted by a moderator

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I just don't like the layout, why change something for the sake it. Menu bar does what it does fine, tabs seem in the right place under the address bar. The wee arrow next the forward / back is in the right place. If you need to mess about with stuff, why not just a simple menu selection under view to set everything back to classic style (as the default).

I have converted my family over to firefox, and they really just point to what they have been taught and click. changing it all just confuses people when all they want to do is read the news and check out their favourite sites.

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I lost my bookmarks somewhere after loading 4 or4.01 & reading everything anywhere didn't help. But I was pleasantly surprised that it automatically saves the JSON bookmark files. So I just found a list of my add-ons, killed everything at Conrtrol Panel and reloaded it and put the addons back on manually. I don't have any of the problems you described. But it caused me to check out Chrome (posta have a sandbox) and Opera which is fast. But Opera's bookmarks don't have the firefox type popup. On the other hand Opera somehow acquired my firefox bookmarks and there they were (eerie). My gripes with 4 & 4.01 are that if one desires to to upload the same file to different sites then one must re search out the file location on one's pc for the 2nd, 3rd (& so on) sites. Not so for Firefox 3, Opera and Safari (for windows). So if I have to upload a file to several sites I go to Opera. Also if I go to the location of the file (say My Documents for instance) the directional arrows take off at light speed in either direction, if one clicks them once or twice. One has to left click the screen to stop it. My last gripe is that the Google search box that appears at startup with the blinking line in it one can't begin typing in it without left clicking it first. But this is a minor problem that existed in 3.0. I posted a bug complaint but nothing's changed. So if anyone reads this please complain since it will affect you too. As to your problems, try to acquire your bookmarks & settings and add-on names then reload the whole shebang. If you haven't done so lately it's anybody's good guess as to what's wrong unless you like playing with it. In the interim download Opera 11.10 at Filehippo run it through Virustotal and use it while you're rebuilding 4.01. I use em all Safari, Chrome, Opera and in my searches for my bug I discovered new things about IE security. If security is your concern experiment with running any of the browsers virtual. Are sure you don't have other problems with your pc. Perhaps some malware miscreant has hacked your registry or you need to save your files and rerun an earlier image of you machine (because of age bloat). I'm sure glad all the awful stuff you're alluding to hasn't happened to me. Happy trails 2 you my friend.

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I love FireFox - but I uninstalled 4.0 and rolled back to the previous version and I'm not likely to accept an "upgrade" anytime soon. FireFox 4.0 puts controls in unhelpful places, hides bookmarks and requires an extra click to access them - and worst of all - puts tabs at the very top of the screen. Working with a laptop all the time, this means that I have to "lift and slide" twice to get the mouse cursor all the way up there to open or close a tab. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I'm happy back with 3.6 or so, but 4.0 is a disaster from my perspective. Unfriendly, inefficient and not very nice to look at, either. FireFox, please trash 4.0 - perhaps it was designed after a night of drunken partying or something - but whatever the case, it's best forgotten. Get back to the basics that made FireFox the best browser - until now.

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I don't like it now.

 It was really, really good. Now, it really stinks.

I could operate the old version. I knew where everything was, I knew what everything did. Now, I am lost, frustrated and P.Oed.

 FireFox VISTA.

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The extra memory and hdd space hogging may play with the windows7 crowd who bought their computers with 4 gigs of RAMand a terabyte of hdd, but it surely stinks on an XP laptop with a 40 gig drive and 512 megs of RAM. It's not that hot on an XP dual-core with 2 gigs. what good is the browser running '6x as fast' when the disk thrashing from virtual memory slows it by twice that?

The layout is annoying, getting notified that I'll just 'have to wait' for plugins for things like roboform to work with the new browser ticks me off, and even after reverting back to 3.6.xx it leaves toolbars scrambled.

I'll go farther, it breaks 2rd party tools I've used for years- like scrolling capture. I can't select the page, just the window.

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After all the years I have used Firefox I too am seriously considering using IE9 - something I never thought would happen. Too often when trying to access a site I get a stupid message:- Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. [As if!]. Or for example when I do a Google search for hl2ue_7000_cd2 I get a garbled page..............viz,., q=hl2ue_7000_cd2&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=tJ1&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivns" id="sflas">Advancex(,function(){google.srptarti9-owns= (dee="backgroBQQ_AUocas .il(1_7000_cd2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo74x-a&tive;z-20an>lientd>tb2>b ">Tenx-a&pos()}"pnn="tsfpSearch" sis="t-decor-rightearchs="t-alignfox-a?q=hl2ue_7000_cd2&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=tJ1&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivns" id="sflas">Advancex(,function(){google.srptartia-owns= (dee="backgroBQQ_AUocas .il(1_7000_cd2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo96x-a&tive;z-71an>lientd>a:en-US:official&q=hl2uen>Everything< href="a&hs=UJ1&rls"GET" onsub2-bottl&q=hl2r-a&Go to ent=firefox-a&hs=rg.mozilge6 onclick=gsgba"http:/000_cd2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl">Maps class=gbtb2>News

   bfle="backgroclassblmie="ba=>lien class=gfl?q=hl2ue_quas",eGmail
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All very helpful to some I have no doubt but regrettably, I speak and read English, proper English that is, not the American gobbledegook version.

Bye bye FF4

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@optimistic, you might want to start a new thread (new question) and list your add-ons.

To see whether the encoding problems are caused by incompatibility with the new HTML5 rendering engine, you can toggle it off like this:

(1) Type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Alt+Enter to open the preferences editor in a new tab. Click the button promising to be careful.

(2) In the filter box, type or paste html5 and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click html5.parser.enable to toggle it to false (it should turn bold).

Then return to the page with your page and reload.

Does that make any difference? If not, do you use any proxy server or other filtering software that could possible affect the encoding?

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Yep, I'm with you. I just became an official member of the Firefox site with the sole intention of letting you all know how awful Firefox 4.0 is. It stinks! It runs slower than the older versions, and I frequently have to 'force quit'. My tab-tree app doesn't work well with it (though this is a glitch that is up to that app's designer to solve). All in all, after 5 years of happily running Firefox, I am seriously considering going to Chrome. I'll probably give it a couple more days before I actually pull the trigger, as I really want Firefox 4 to work.


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How do you adapt when IT won't open or load when it does. It just keeps spinning. I've had 3.6 for years and had NO problem. What is your solution. My IP couldn't even figure and my brother and my son are Micrsoft and Cisco certified and they couldn't get it to work.I want firefox 3.6 back . How do I do that.

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I've already switched out of deseperation. I couldn't log on at all. None of my bookmarks would open. So this was useless to me.

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myself was a FF user for last 12 yrs !! even i remember recommending ppl abt it...but FF 4 is a real PAIN IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE....

it hogs memory...for simple functions (available by default in previous vers) ,now u have to install add-ons for them (like new tab button, FF4 either lets u have a new tab button OR the "+" button near opened tabs..but U CANT HAVE THEM BOTH SAME TIME!! WHAT THE.......

PC hangs/freezes almost everytime i ran FF 4 ..and for that i have lost valuable data..mind u, my machine config is not outdated. I have reverted back to previous vers FF 3.6...and am NOT UPDATING IT SOON....

ALL OF U FOLKS HAVIN PROBS WITH FF4 : easiest solution for all your probs -

1) get rid of FF4 and install the previous vers - after backing up -


2) get an alternative browser

yes folks, the above solution will at least give u peace of mind and a more peaceful good night sleep

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I'd like anyone on the development end who reads this to know that I'm mighty grateful for a fine, free product, but I have to admit that, even once I sorted through the new layout, I was still left with a program that tends to lock up. A lot. And, as best I can tell, at random.

When it's not having a problem, 4 is a good browser. It's fast and friendly. The problem that keeps coming back is that I've only had one browser in my life crash more than this one, and that's an ancient copy of Netscape Navigator I found at a thrift shop and installed for amusement a few months ago.

I've got big brand loyalty to you guys, but I can't take three freezes an hour forever. Please fix this.

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Please use Ask a new question and provide the requested troubleshooting information.

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@ the-edmeister

I would, but I don't really have a new question; I've got pretty much the same lockup problems as the OP here. It's hard to provide usable information on lockups if they seem to happen at random. I do mean at random: I'll be in the middle of typing, or loading a new page... I seem to do things it's not ready to cope with, but the spectrum is too broad for me to pinpoint anything as the cause.

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You're not alone... I too have been a proud supporter of Mozilla and the Firefox/Thunderbird brands until FF 3.5... That's when I started experiencing problems, and that was with a 32-bit laptop. Now that I am on a 64-bit quad-core laptop (something I *thought* might have solved a few of the problems with the 32-bit one) it seems the lock-ups and crashes are more frequent.

Leaving Firefox is going to be like getting a divorce after decades of a good marriage, and having an affair with the enemy (IE, Google's Chrome, etc.) But I'm not really being left any choice... I'm being kicked out of my browser's bed for being faithful.

Firefox crashes after having maybe 5 or 6 tabs open (nothing heavy - straight HTML without embedding) - which sucks considering I develop websites for a living and need to have multiple variations open for comparison. Only three add-ons, all "approved and endorsed" by Mozilla, so it's a given they wouldn't interfere with FF's status... right?

I can run 40 tabs with IE, without lag or interference, before it starts getting hinkey. I haven't maxed out Chrome yet, but at last count I had 72 tabs open - and at least 20 were dedicated to video-streaming (YouTube, Vivo, NHL Network)...

This makes me sad, because I *want* to keep my Firefox, but it seems to want the house, car, career and kids in the divorce - if it doesn't get its act together, it can have it because I'll walk away never to return.

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