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Why is every new tab I open (not each new webpage, which comes up with my home page, just the tabs) immediately going to a site called "" which I've never heard of before and deleting and reinstalling firefox hasn't gotten rid of?

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I've tried resetting things, I told firefox to forget all my stuff when I deleted it and reinstalled it and this thing still isn't gone. I'm not a technical person and I don't really understand any of it.

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This could be due to a Firefox add-on or malware affecting your system.

  1. To check if the problem is due to an add-on, start Firefox in Safe Mode. See these articles for instructions on Safe Mode: Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode and Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems.
  2. If the first step does not help, scan your system for malware. This section lists some of the spyware removal tools: Spyware on Windows.
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I uninstalled searchqu by finding it in control panel under 'windows searchqu toolbar' but that didn't stop it opening up evertime I opened a new tab, However, then I noticed when the searchqu page is open, under the search bar there is a link that says 'disable new tab' or something to that effect (I forget). After clicking that each new tab is a blank webpage, just what I wanted :D

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ive managed to uninstall and erase ilivid and banboo, the next problem im struggling with is, when i open a new tab (it shows the default i want) and i type a word to search in the top bar (where you'd usually type your internet address - sorry not computer savvy :)), it still uses search qu.... ive tried probably everything to track down where it is located and why it does this, i reset my internet settings etc, still does the same. is it still hiding somewhere on my system??

i did a malware scan and the names popped up but they weren't pointed out as threats and i couldnt remove them from the box they were showing in.. maybe this will help someone to point me in the right direction, or someone who may need this: so it showed (i checked where the files were located from that window in my anti-virus program). in anyway, it showed as being under a numbered file in my program files?? but i looked there and it seems to be hidden. perhaps this is the last bit? any suggestions on how to find this "hidden" file?

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None of those things helped me but I was able to find and it gives an easy step by step solution for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It worked instantly for me. I hope it helps!

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Thank you Bumblebeez, you are the last solution....

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It fixed on my Windows7. After closing all browsers, I had to: 1. Uninstall all references to iLivid and bandoo in Control Panel 1a. Found 2 references: one started with Windows iLivid (see other replies for exact name) 2. Program Files (x86) > found 2 folders with iLivid in them (one started with Windows iLivid) 2a. Right click on folder(s) with iLivid in name> delete 2ai. Must allow Admin Privileges 2b. If error message already open > keep opening all sub folders until you get to the last one > then delete all files > then work your way back up and delete files from every folder until finally at the main iLivid folder > then delete folder 3. Reboot 4 Problem solved

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The "iLivid Toolbar" was the culprit for me too. Once it was gone, I was again able to control the home page on Firefox.

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After reading other replies, I find this has already been posted, but:

I had downloaded iLivid to watch a streaming movie. Had to remove "Windows iLivid Toolbar" from control panel.

I believe that I also found iLivid in Control panel. I removed iLivid using uninstall, then went into "program files/ilivid" and deleted the directory. But these last actions were done before removing the "Windows iLivid Toolbar" and did not work.

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I have the searchq problem and was delighted to find this suggested solution. However, when I went to my control panel, I didn't find an Windows components that related to searchq or iLivid or Bandoo.

As I mentioned in a previous message, I had just downloaded iLivid this morning and discovered this afternoon that searchq had taken over my search function and done away with my home page. I had immediately uninstalled iLivid (in two parts) and then searched for any other programs that entered my computer on the same day as iLivid and Bandoo (today, Jan. 26, 2012). I found no other programs that entered my computer today. Thus, it seems not to be a program that's easily found and uninstalled.

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Thank you for explaining what you did in clear simple terms! Your explanation was exactly the ticket to solve my problem!

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