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Why do empty boxes show up instead of text on many web pages?


Several months ago we started having trouble on our Mac OS X desktop computer with Firefox. On many web pages, including the Firefox Support home page, I see empty boxes instead of text. The boxes do not have any letters in them. If I copy and paste the boxes into MS Word it translates them into text, but not on the web page.

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You can do a check for corrupted fonts and other font issues:

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All of the character encoding is set to Unicode UTF-8. I have updated all plugins. I emptied the cache, cleared the cookies. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but the problem still persists.
It is frustrating to be unable to see all of the text on a web page, so I tried Google Chrome and Safari to see if they were having issues. No boxes showed up on either browser, but there are some other issues--some of the text appears in another language. My biggest issues are on the Firefox support pages right now! There were so many boxes that I couldn't read the help files. After reinstalling Firefox, the Support page changed to CZECH!
I moved to a laptop computer and there are no empty boxes appearing on the laptop, but the Firefox support page still appeared in Czech.
I think there must be 2 things going on: Firefox is having some issues on their support site since the languages changed to Czech on 2 different computers and using 3 different browsers. But I need help with the other thing: why are there boxes in place of text on so many web pages?

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You can do a check for corrupted fonts and other font issues:

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Thanks! I validated/removed fonts using fontbook and downloaded FontNuke. So far all pages I've visited look correct! Thanks, again!