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Is there a way to block popups that appear even after the firefox window is closed?

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I use firefox as my principle browser, however, recently popups have started to appear on a regular basis, even when the browser is closed. Is there some way to stop this such as deleting temporary internet files etc.?

Any help would be appreciated!

P.S. I get the feeling that this isn't a settings issue, but rather was prompted by a website that I have visited.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm guessing it's a spyware issue, as it has started opening IE based popups as well.

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Install, update, and run these programs in this order. (Not all programs detect the same Malware.) They are all free for personal use, but some have limited functionality in the "free mode" - but those are features you really don't need to find and remove the problem that you have.
Note: If your Malware infection is bad enough and you are mis-directed to URL's other than what is posted, you may have to use a different PC to download these programs and use a USB stick to transfer them to the afflicted PC.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware -
SuperAntispyware -
AdAware -
Spybot Search & Destroy -
Windows Defender: Home Page -

If these don't find it or can't clear it, post in one of these forums for specialized malware removal help: