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I downloaded "MFInstall.exe" to view image. Firefox 'restarted' as per instructions - and now f/fox does not open at all - not even in safe mode.


Hi, I was on a genealogy site using Firefox. I was asked to download and install " MFInstall.exe " which I did. The final instructions were: Firefox will restart and you will be able to continue.

Firefox closed (two windows), and will not open. I have access on quicklaunch (Vista) which has no response to clicking. I still have the icon in the start menu - right=clicking at first gave me the option to 'start in safe mode' (with no response). Now clicking the icon there does not show this anymore. I tried to 'run as admin' with no reponse. I have found the MFInstall. exe file in my download folder. I will delete it if you think that will help. I have CC cleaner which doesn't find it when I ask (I guess 'cause it's inside F/Fox?) If you have any ideas, I would be most grateful. Thanks.

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I downloaded MFInstall. exe about half an hour ago.

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Heaps. I'm sorry I can't open F/Fox to find out!


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I can't get firefox to open at all.
I can delete the downloaded files, but am not sure if that will clog up the process even more.

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Solved. (or resolved) G'day. I'm visiting on my Firefox browser - Yay. Thought I'd update this. After I wrote this last night, (with IE browser) the confirmation e-mail's link wouldn't even work. I deleted the offending program. I used CC Cleaner to run through the computer. Still no go. I went to bed with AVG scanning everything. I woke to find AVG had done it's work, finding 2 problems and fixed. Still no access to mozilla. I shut down whole computer (intending to start in safe mode). Got distracted and missed the bootup prompt. Logged on anyway, so I'd have something to tell the 'help' line here. Woo hoo! I must have done something right, because here I am, via the link in last night's email. The offending program was via 'Ancestry . com'. I'm off to tell them now.

I'm hoping this might assist someone else. Take care - Jo

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