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How do I turn on WebGL in Firefox 4 Beta?


Hi - how do I turn on WebGL in the new Firefox4 Beta? thanks Nic

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

Solution choisie

as can be found in this article:

- Type “about:config” in your browser’s URL bar - Do a search for “webgl” in the Filter field - Double-click the “enabled_for_all_sites” preference to change it to “true”

that should do it...

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Solution choisie

as can be found in this article:

- Type “about:config” in your browser’s URL bar - Do a search for “webgl” in the Filter field - Double-click the “enabled_for_all_sites” preference to change it to “true”

that should do it...

dadlitt 0 solutions 1 réponses

I followed the instructions with no different result.

Alwii 0 solutions 1 réponses

I've had tried theses instructions with no results too. The firefox's demo is writing that "Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :-("

martyspence 0 solutions 1 réponses

The solution was not applicable. The boolean was already 'true' in my installation. However when I try to use google body browser it behaves like I don't have webGL. When I try and run a demo of webGL it says: "Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :-("

What's the problem here. My graphics car/driver isn't supported?

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If you have problems with WebGL then set the pref webgl.verbose to true to see error messages in the "Tools > Error Console"
You may have an unsupported graphics display card.
You may need to enable the "Tools > Error Console" (pref devtools.errorconsole.enabled true)

Geoplace 0 solutions 1 réponses

For me the WebGl doesn´t work until I update the video drivers. Try It.

You can take a look for troubleshooting at: http://learningwebgl.com/blog/?p=11

Kurt_Maurer 0 solutions 1 réponses

So i have used the about:config changed all parameters to true however to no success when testing the webgl on google body 3d still no response . So i decided just to be a little bit of a traitor and test the Google Chrome browser, and surprise surprise the webgl in the google body 3d worked !!! so I strongly do not believe the graphics card has much to do with this problem , although maybe just because its a google product working the gb3d . but it also worked with other websites with this webgl , not only the gb3d . Maybe Firefox has not quite yet worked around this problem ?!?!?


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For some people, installing the DirectX runtime may help. This allows Firefox to use an alternate rendering path that might be better supported on their system, especially on systems with Intel GPUs. Mozilla are working on removing the need for this separate install in a future build.The DirectX runtime is available from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=2da43d38-db71-4c1b-bc6a-9b6652cd92a3&displaylang=en&pf=true

This info obtained from http://blog.vlad1.com/2010/12/21/webgl-in-firefox-4-beta-8/

kewp 0 solutions 1 réponses

I don't see those configs at all. I only see

webgl.disabled webgl.force-enabled webgl.force_osmesa webgl.osmesalib webgl.prefer-native-gl webgl.shader_validator webgl.verbose

I'm using Firefox 4.0b11

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Do you see any error messages at the bottom of the Help > Troubleshooting Information page about WebGL?

sinu 0 solutions 2 réponses

For WebGL Renderer it just says it is unavailable...

Swapnilrustagi 19 solutions 286 réponses

WebGL requires that your system has OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers. For systems who don't have these drivers(I also don't have these drivers.) can try using OpenGL Emulators like OSMESA32.dll. Complete detail is on this article - http://blog.vlad1.com/2009/09/21/webgl-samples/ Scroll down on the article till you find: "For those of you on Windows who don’t have an up to date OpenGL driver, or don’t have the possibility of getting one ......................................................Then, flip webgl.software_rendering to true, and you should be good to go."

Follow the instructions on the article

sinu 0 solutions 2 réponses

Réponse utile

For me this works. webgl.disabled false webgl.force-enabled true webgl.force_osmesa false webgl.prefer-native-gl false webgl.shader_validator true webgl.verbose true

STEVIK 0 solutions 1 réponses

To Enable WebGL:

1. Type about:config in your browser

2. Mouse Right-Click

3. Choose New - Boolean

4. Type in new appeared window: webgl.enabled_for_all_sites

   Enable = True

5. Restart Firefox.....

6. Goto http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/body.html# and give it a try.

For more information, goto:



wendela 0 solutions 1 réponses

I have the same problem; I am using KUBUNTU 10.10 as OS

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The pref webgl.enabled_for_all_sites is no longer used in Firefox 4.

I see these in the source code referenced:

webgl.disabled (f)(global)
webgl.enabled (t)
webgl.force-enabled (f)
webgl.force_osmesa (f)
webgl.prefer-egl (u)
webgl.prefer-native-gl (f)

You can try to toggle the pref webgl.prefer-native-gl to true.

You can also check the Help > Troubleshooting Information page for error messages (look at the bottom).

alcasistemi 0 solutions 1 réponses

Réponse utile


I solved this problem in this way:

Firefox 4 RC:

  1. Type about:config
  2. Type in the search box webgl
  3. webgl.force-enabled = true
  4. visit http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/ refresh the page and enjoy!

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Steve.Nordquist 0 solutions 2 réponses

Fair enough try; what videocard and drivers do you happen to have, Apple ATI X600 (G4 iMac?) You can always try a particular workaround per the LearningWebGL.com (thanks, Geoplace) FAQ (using GreaseMonkey to auto-insert it, for example):

"Old ATI graphics drivers

For certain old ATI graphics drivers, in particular those shipped with HP computers, you may find that textures do not appear when you display WebGL pages unless those pages include this JavaScript code:


The code is actually invalid WebGL, gl.TEXTURE_2D should not be accepted by gl.enable. However, there is a bug in some graphics drivers that makes it necessary to put the code in if you want WebGL to work.

Your best bet is to update your drivers if you can. "

bjacob 2 solutions 11 réponses

WebGL is turned on by default in Firefox 4.

To check if it's working for you, go to: http://doesmybrowsersupportwebgl.com/

If it's not working for you, that means that either you don't have Direct3D 9 / OpenGL 2.1+ / ES2.0+ drivers, or your driver is getting blacklisted.

If you're getting blacklisted, see this wiki page: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Blocklisting/Blocked_Graphics_Drivers

It explains how to force-enable WebGL if you want to.

Munawwar 0 solutions 1 réponses

At about:config I set webgl.force-enabled and webgl.prefer-native-gl to true. Also created a webgl.enabled_for_all_sites boolean and set it true (just in case it's needed?). Still it failed to work.

I then updated my graphic drivers (got the new GeForce/ION drivers) - restarted browser. Now it works :)