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when atemping to use wifi hotspots FireFox does not redirect to login page.

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when trying to use a hot spot like in a hotel or airport (tmoble for one) will not redirect to login page. Nor can it find the page when I enter the DNS name. If I enter the IP address of the long in page then it can find it but not the subsequent pages that it calls by DNS.

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I have the same issue. Using Windows 7, Firefox 3.5.9

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I am a Hotspot ISP and I am having this issue with Firefox on Linux devices. We use Colubris MSC-3300 as access controllers tied to a RADIUS server. Have tested all other browsers on Windows and Linux and they seem to work correctly, problem seems to be tied to Firefox on Linux (testing with Ubuntu 11.04). When I open Firefox the redirect to captive portal page works correcty. I enter my username and password and when it tries to send this information back to the controller I get a "connection was interrupted" error. I have gone into Preferences and turned everything off and/or on and still can't get this device to log in.

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So after diggin deeper I have found that by going into Advanced>Encryption>Validation and trning off OSCP everything works properly. I will have to do some digging to find out why this causes login redirect to fail as I know my SSL cert is valid.

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i have this problem with firefox. when it happens, i launch chrome or IE and they usually work just fine. Wondering if chrome/ie have OSCP turned off by default, and either way - what is the risk of turning off OSCP?