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Removing URL from history

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I have tried all three methods mentioned on this webpage for removing one URL but it doesn't work:

Particularly, when I try the 'Clear all items for a single site' method, the URL I want to remove from the browser's history does not show up in the search box in the History Library. However, when I start typing the URL in the address bar, the browser still suggests that URL.

What should I do to remove this URL so that it does not show up suggestions on the address bar?

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Hello there I have found a link for you to help you with this problem!! Thank you for reaching out for support! I hope this helps


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That could be the form filler built into Firefox. Click in the field, enter a character or two and STOP ! Using the arrow keys, highlight an unwanted entry. Then press Shift + Delete

Repeat as needed. Current Firefox: Menu → Options → Search → scroll down to Search Suggestions section and select or deselect the options you wish.

Older versions: Type about:preferences#privacy<enter> in the address box. At the bottom of the page, find Location or Address box.

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Is there a special icon attached to the favicon of that suggestion ?

  • bookmarks have a star attached
  • items pinned on the new tab page have a pin attached

If you currently do not have a history item then you can open this page to create new history to be able to use "Forget About This Site".

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