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Lost inactive tabs due to crash - any possibility to restore?

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Dear Community,

I used for three days the function sync on firefox. In this procedure I wanted to transfer my android tabs to my desktop pc. On my desktop pc I have seen all tabs of my android phone. So I have started to transfer the tabs to my desktop pc. After a short time my mozilla firefox on android crashed and after my restart of my android firefox all inactive tabs were gone.

So this was my first time, when I made this bad experience in over more than 15 years of using firefox. Meanwhile I searched for different solutions, but nothing fitted to my challenge.

I hope really, that somebody could help me:

  • Is there any possibilty to see the cache on the desktop pc from the android data, which was seen in the sync tunnel?
  • Is something saved on the sync cloud, where I could get data from?
  • Is a cache file existing of the sync data?
  • Is there any option of old session restore? If yes, where can I find different backup files on android?
  • Can I connect with e.g. SDK in the developer mode and get files of sessionstore.js? A JASON file of the inactive tabs would be really nice.
  • Any other developer modes, which could be helpful? Trouble Shooting?
  • Can I root the mobile phone afterwards and get hidden files of firefox?
  • Are there any other unvisible places, where the data of deleted inactive files could be find?
  • Can I access data through the android firefox browser?
  • Perhaps you will have a solution through SDK?
  • Do you have other devtools to try? I am fine with remote debugging through usb, if you will have a solution for it.

I appreciate your support and hope to find a solution for my request. I loved firefox for a long time.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards

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If the tabs had not already been synced to another copy of Firefox before they were lost (and you cannot see them in the browsing history in Firefox for Android), it will not be possible to recover them.

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