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Please don't eliminate the colorways that aren't enabled when updating to version 96

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I really do like the new colors and I switch between them often. What is motivating you to remove them starting with Firefox 96? Do I really have to turn off auto update to make sure I have my favorite Colorway enabled before the update?

You've adopted two common phrases and tried to apply them to Colorways:

1 - "limited time only" - This usually means you just have to acquire it during a limited time window; you don't lose it after the time window has passed.

2 - "limited edition" - This usually means a limited number of people can acquire it.

Based on my understanding, neither phrase applies to your Colorways offering.

Would you please reconsider? Mozilla is one of my year-end charitable contributions; does that give me any more clout? :)

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The monochromatic colorways thtmes are built-in in the current release 94 and in the next release 95 and will no longer be included in 96. You can inspect the theme files via this resource:// URI in a firefox tab.

  • resource://builtin-themes/monochromatic/

It's manifest.json file hold the color definitions that you can use to build your own theme.

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Oh well. If I find time, I'll try to figure that out. I guess it is challenging for Mozilla to provide these themes for their users. (e.g. on

For now I'll turn off auto-update.

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I guess I still don't understand. What's the purpose behind disabling/removing these themes at 96?

If your "current preference" is saved after, then it's not because there is some huge change to theming that happens then that makes them impossible to keep around.

Are these getting replaced with something better? I mean, @cor-el even mentioned you'll be able to hack them back in. Why not just move them from built-ins to the addons page?

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I'll definitely continue to support Mozilla, but this move in Firefox has me a bit pissed off. My only remedy has been to not think about it. This morning's thread update email rekindled my ire. I'm not going to find the time to rebuild these themes. Doing the work is not the problem; it's learning what I need to do.

It's actually rude to give someone a gift, give them time to enjoy it and grow accustomed to it, and then take it away. That's how I see it with these themes - certainly not mean-spirited, but definitely inconsiderate.

What was the reasoning here? Maybe this colorway offering is modeled after playing a video game free for a month. Such an offer is designed to leave you missing something and motivating you to pay some money to get it back. Is this a setup for some commercial offering?

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I still see them in Firefox 96. Also, when I check the source code, they still seem to be included for everyone:

Maybe the rumors of their demise were (somewhat) exaggerated? However, I don't know whether the colors are identical or whether they have been updated. I have attached a quick screen grab for comparison.

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Note that there will be new monochrome colorways themes added to Firefox 97 (97.0b3 got them).

  • 1749079 - Add new colorway themes for Firefox 97
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I'm happy they missed the deadline for dropping the colorways in version 96. :)

I did receive an email this morning from Mozilla. Perhaps that motivated the resurrection of this thread. It reads "Grab these new colorways before February 7th."

My goodness, what does that mean? How do I "grab" them. If I manage to, will they be ripped from my grasp on February 7th? What a mystery!