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Firefox in love with iTunes

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What's the story with Firefox being so madly in love with iTunes, the moment I open Firefox, iTunes opens. Worse even. I can't close iTunes. It keeps opening up until I close Firefox.

Is this some kind of another MANDATE now? Part of the NWO? You MUST accept iTunes to jump into your face if you use Firefox?

Makes me dump this piece of intrusive waste for good, really. I am so sick and tired of this Tech-Tyranny ruling our brains, telling us what we MUST WANT and accept.

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Are you saying that iTunes comes up when you start the browser, or that it opens while you are surfing?

Are you talking about the home page?

Or the search engine? Type about:preferences#search<enter> in the address bar. You can select any search engine to be your default from here.

You can also remove any engine from here.

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Are you saying that iTunes comes up when you start the browser


I can only quit iTunes after I quite Firefox. As long as Firefox is running, iTunes keeps popping up. I can close it a thousand times and it will open up a 1001 times. This is a sick marriage between iTunes and Firefox with the best of all, thee is NO hint within Firefox to divorce the two.

Looks like I need to divorce both of them. That'll solve it. No use for a browser that forces me to have iTunes open with it.

But that said, what made you believe I have to learn how to set the homepage? Hm, ...

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The home page is one way the web page comes up.

This happens multiple times while the browser is running . . .

That should not happen. A virus could do something like that. I'm not saying you have one.

Start Firefox using Troubleshoot(Safe) Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Troubleshoot(Safe) Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

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Note that Firefox 78.15.0 is the last version for your Mac OS X platform (mozilla-mac-eol-esr1), so you will no longer receive updates.

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