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Getting URL of latest version of an extension

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I am a sysadmin working on an enterprise deployment of a Firefox extension, specifically this one:

It's a password manager called BitWarden.

I am deploying the extension using the official Firefox ADMX templates, so far I configured most settings correctly. When I am deploying the extension to my users (I am using Microsoft Intune), I need to provide an URL from where the extension will be downloaded. I found that URL by copying the link from the 'Add to Firefox' button from the link.

I found the link to be:

What I want to know is the following: 1. Will this link stay the same for all future BitWarden extension versions? 2. Is this something that changes when a new Bitwarden extension gets released or is this link static? 3. Is there perhaps a link which automatically redirects the download to the latest available version?

Some online guides say that a 'latest.xpi' string needs to be appended to the add-on's page ( in this case), but I found that not to work. If I go to, it throws an "page not found" error.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Nemanja Simpraga

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So the second one does not work, that I've already tried. The first one does work, but what I've also found is that you can write anything after the file number and it'll still work.

So,, also downloads the file. This makes me question if the link does what I thought it does.

Can you confirm?

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