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Firefox for Android downloader errors

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I'm trying to download some videos from on my Android phone in Firefox used to work beautifully all of a sudden now it shows download started and within one second it says download complete and I have a part file that's all it'll do I have done network reset to my phone and I don't know what's caused it nothing has changed I have not added anything I have not changed any settings anybody have any idea what I might can possibly do to be able to use the downloader last week it would complete downloading a video and then it would start downloading it again but it never would finish and the only way I could get it to stop was I would have to power off the phone and then power it back on thank you for any help anybody can give me and blessings to all of you and all you love we're living in some very odd times right now. Oh one more thing there isn't any download apps that Firefox offers that work I tried that smart downloader what a piece of crap I don't know why they have them on their add-ons page if they're not going to work thanks y'all have a good day

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It appears from the information that you have provided that you are using an unsupported version of Firefox for Android. Please can you update to the latest version available from the Google Play store.

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Thanks for such a rapid reply yes I'm aware I'm using an older outdated browser but I don't like the new one I don't know of anybody who does it's a complete different system got to learn everything all over again by the time I get it learned Mozilla change it again but I will change and see if that helps thank you for your time and your assistance have a wonderful day . Oh yes why do they offer add-ons for video downloaders that do not work I don't understand I tried that smart downloader man you talk about junk it constantly keeps telling me my phone's got a virus my cameras got a virus you don't need to get rid of that add on it's a it's a fishing scam

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As mentioned above, your copy of Firefox for Android is now unsupported. I recommend that you update as that might resolve your issue as well as make sure that you have important security and stability updates.