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Clear History Dialogue Window

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Why did Mozilla change the "Clear Recent History" dialogue window so that it NO LONGER has the "hotspot" that the cursor automatically goes to to make it quicker and easier to "Clear All History" after SETTING the choices to "Everything" and choose all of the options? The cursor USED TO be able to be set to go to the "OK" button automatically, now it does not. Why and why not? AND the dialogue window has been ENLARGED and SET in a CENTERED LOCATION onscreen. Why? Is it POSSIBLE to correct this oversight and allow for the cursor to go to the "OK" button automatically again? It seems that Windows 10 has presented additional challenges in maintaining a pleasant experience for MOST services/apps, and I hate that MS does that at every "update".

If there is NO way to correct/re-establish these functions to Firefox, Thank You for your time and efforts to keep Mozilla users/friends safe and happy, and stay safe and well,


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