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Persistent Pop-up

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Every time I log in to in Firefox a pop-up automatically appears below the address bar. The persistent pop-up: Add "" as an application for mailto links? See screenshot attached.

Troubleshooting and modifying Settings to eliminate pop-ups and recommendations didn't stop the pop-up. Deleting Firefox beta and installing the standard version of Firefox didn't work either. The only way to manage this pop-up is to click on the "X" button to close it each time I open or refresh my home page. Then I get some screen space back.

Using Edge, the pop-up includes other options to choose from such as "Don't show this again", which I selected. I don't see the pop-up any more in Edge.

Why can't I get rid of this unwanted, persistent, recommendation pop-up in Firefox?

Thanks, Gordon

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Edge is a Microsoft program. The web page and the pop-up are Microsoft. Firefox is not.

Some adblockers can be set to block elements of a web page like that ad.

Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web Link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for a good ad blocker.

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8/22/21 AdBlockPlus will not block the element that says "Add "" as an application for mailto links?"

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Check with AdBlockPlus support.

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Ozarkslandscaper is correct, Adblock Plus does not work. You can’t click on the pop-up because it is outside the top boundary of the work area. That is, the Adblok Plus area of operations does not include the header area where the pop-up is located.

According to Microsoft, the root cause of the problem lies within Firefox. For insight on the origin of the problem visit

I clicked on the “Add application” button in the pop-up just to see what happened. Then I went to Settings > General and scrolled to Applications. There, I clicked on "mailto" and in the dropdown list was “Use”. One can select it for their webmail or ignore it. The upside, the pop-up no longer populates the home page each time you open it or refresh the page.

Not the Firefox solution I was expecting.


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That notification bar is part of the Firefox user interface, so you would need code in userChrome.css to be able to hide it.

See also:

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Does this mean that nobody at Mozilla Support is aware of the problem and trying to fix it for the next update?

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If you accept this and add Outlook to the mailto choices in "Settings -> General -> Applications" then you will no longer see this notification bar.